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Re: H1 query
From Marge on 14 Jan '99
replying to H1 query posted by Sean

>My question: If I set things up as above, and use H1 to determine the font size of my title within this table, will H1 still have the desired search engine effect, or will this effect be lost because it's nested within a table structure?

If all you are interested in is the visual LOOK of the page, there may
be a way to put your title, in proper html, ie

<H1>Page Name</H1> (I'm assuming you are talking name, not the
<title> metatag here!

and place a Gif that has the visual "look" that you want so that it
covers the text of the title. Now, mind you I've not TRIED this,
and it might not be possible to do it so that it would look right in
every browser...but it would be worth an hour's playing with code to
see if you can do it. That way you'd not only get the H1 advantage,
but also be able to use the same keywords in your alt tag for the
graphic. Double the weight for a lot of the engines.

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