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How do I get listed on UK based search engines/directories
From Gil Terriberry at on 14 Jan '99
Recently built this site to do business in the UK (live on Dec 9). It is a varient of our US site,, but quite specific in content, links and affiliation with a UK based vendor (actually a couple of them).

Our US site shows well in the major engines/directories (even got into Yahoo after e-mailing them) garnering some 50,000 page views from about 5,000 visitors (unique hosts) in the last 90 days, easily 80% SE referred (and half of that Yahoo).

However, the UK site is limping. Like all of 110 visitors besides myself since going live, with Alta Vista the only engine showing us at all yet. The rest are the result of negotiating reciprocal links.

I've submitted to UKplus, UKmax (they spidered), Infoseek in the UK, and the UK site - NOTHING!

What are the primary reference sites in the UK?

What am I doing wrong?

Do I have to buy a UK domain name?

Or is the market just that much smaller?

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