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Re: yahoo banner ads; worth it?
From Darryl on 23 Dec '99
replying to yahoo banner ads; worth it? posted by judy

Your crazy...if you get 35000 hits ..that means you might get 1% to 2%
response. That = 350 to 750 hits.

750 hits = 2 dollars a click thru. You might get a few sales...but that is it. You can try to prove me wrong.

The big guys can afford it and they are trying to buy a piece of your memory.

Now your website does not let you order online...800 # is great but Online cart is important.

Try a mailing list...There are a lot of "Joke of the day" list that people subscribe by email.
They are much cheaper and you get more bang for your buck. Sign up for one and click thru all the sponsors
and ask how it is working for them. You can do the same on Yahoo..if you see a small guy running an them also

Hope this helps//Good Luck!

>I'm thinking of doing a banner with Yahoo!
>A one month test is $1500. with somethnig like 35,000 impressions.
>The Deadlock tutorial, a.k.a. my bible, seems to say it's not worth it. Anyone have an opinion or, better yet, experience/results, with Yahoo! banner advertising?

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