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Re: yahoo banner ads; worth it?
From Nicholas on 25 Dec '99
replying to yahoo banner ads; worth it? posted by judy

>I'm thinking of doing a banner with Yahoo!
>A one month test is $1500. with somethnig like 35,000 impressions.
>The Deadlock tutorial, a.k.a. my bible, seems to say it's not worth it. Anyone have an opinion or, better yet, experience/results, with Yahoo! banner advertising?

Starting from complete ignorance, it's best to start cheap.
$1500 sounds like a more expensive education than you want.
First banner efforts almost always fail, so see if you can
fail somewhere else for $300.

Nope, I'm not being pessimistic. But 80-90% of test ads fail,
even among pros. You make your money by repeating the ones
that work.

If you can't crunch numbers, and refuse to learn, it's not
even worth beginning. You won't know which failures could
have been parleyed into successes.

Numbers you hear on this bulletin board are suspect.
Disbelieve anything that states absolutes; it varies
with product and ad copy and ad design. (Notice design
was last...)

But clickthrough numbers well over 5% are possible for
niche products. I've seen it. :-($)

Stay away from stupid animated images. Write the headline:
what's in it for them? One little graphic for the product,
maybe, and maybe animated. That's it.

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