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Re: Yippee (I hope), Yahoo, and the Kindom of Tonga
From Glen on 31 Dec '99
replying to Yippee (I hope), Yahoo, and the Kindom of Tonga posted by Chuck

>I submitted my vacation rental site to Yahoo 17 days ago. I did a search on Profusion and it showed my site as being listed in Yahoo. I went to Yahoo and couldn't find it under any of the submitted categories. Could this mean that maybe they have it in their data base but didn't get around to putting it in the right category yet? I can find it there if I search the url
>I can't find myself in the search engines I submitted to either. Does anyone know if the .to (which is a domain from the Kingdom of Tonga) could cause problems being listed?
>Thank You,

Chuck -

Takes 4-8 weeks to get your site listed on Yahoo! Could be longer. You wouldn't be listed in 3 weeks. No way.

You're currently listed on Inktomi (the supplemental search engine that Yahoo! uses) You are NOT listed in the Yahoo! Directory yet. (The directory is made up of sites that Yahoo! reviewers, called "Surfers", review and decide whether the site is strong enough to be in the directory.

Did you fill out your submission form EXACTLY? You have to in order to get listed. Follow their directions to the letter. And DON'T resubmit your site for at least 2 months. You'll annoy the surfers if you do it sooner.

Good luck!

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