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Converting Inactive Affiliates
From Bill M at Light Impressions Direct on 4 Jan '00
We have an affiliate program through Linkshare and I was looking for ideas to help convert inactive affiliates to active affiliates. Any Ideas?

There is more info... but not necessary to for question...

Light Impressions is excited to announce our affiliate program paying you up to 10% commission on monthly sales from the leading resource for archival supplies. We offer photo albums, scrapbooks and a complete line of storage for collectibles, art and photography.

Who is LinkShare?
LinkShare Corporation ( is the leading provider of transaction-based solutions online. LinkShare’s state-of-the-art, patent-pending technology and Network offers affiliate sites centralized control over the planning, execution, tracking, and reporting of their online sales activity. They are a third party service provider whose expertise lies in Affiliates Programs allows Light Impressions to offer our Affiliates the most sophisticated tracking and reporting tools so that they can increase sales revenue from their links.

Audited Reports - LinkShare provides third-party audited reports to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all sales traffic activity. LinkShare’s easy-to-use, real-time reports can be accessed at any time through your personal account. Reports include comprehensive data, including number of click-throughs, time to transaction, number of transactions, amount of transactions, and commissions due. Customized reports can be generated for any time period, from a single day, to a specific month, to an entire year.

How Does LinkShare Work?
LinkShare is responsible for tracking and calculating the commissions that are owed to you. Using their patent-pending Referral Tracking and Payment (RTP) technology, LinkShare will monitor all users who leave your site to visit Light Impressions. LinkShare tracks each user from the moment they click on a Light Impressions link on your site to the final completion of sale. Through a secure connection with Light Impressions server, all pertinent information from the sale is forwarded to LinkShare.

Light Impressions will make commission payments to Affiliates based on reports received from LinkShare. At any time, you can log into LinkShare and retrieve customized activity reports and see how you are doing.

What Steps Do I Need to Take?
Step 1 - You will first need to register with LinkShare. There is no cost to you. Please complete a short registration form at

Step 2 - Once registered, simply log in to LinkShare at Go to “Join Programs” and select the Light Impressions offer that will be posted. Please allow a few days to be approved, at which time you will be able to generate the appropriate HTML code for insertion into your Web site. You must add this code to each Light Impressions link you may have on your site. Every visitor who clicks on the link will then be tracked by LinkShare, who will also calculate any commission that is due to you.

Light Impressions
Bill Martin, Circulation Manager

LinkShare Corporation
Heidi Messer, President

We look forward to having you join the Light Impressions Affiliate Program Team. We are paying 15% commission until 3/31/00 - Act Now!

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