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Re: How do I get listed on UK based search engines/directories
From Gil on 15 Jan '99
replying to Re: How do I get listed on UK based search engines/directories posted by Jim

Gad, you work more than I do! what time is it there?

>The Web is a global medium, it's totally pointless to try to
>narrow your market to a certain geographical area - on the
>search engines, anyway.

Oops, didn't think. That is what I love about the medium, everyone is a neighbor, even from the side of a mesa in New Mexico. Problem is, I think, I was miss judging the UK market based on the assumption that they might be going to Yell or something. Also because the UK variant of my site truly is targeted to the UK DM community, it is, after all, selling UK lists (In fact, Dun's, for reasons I cannot even begin to guess, is watching closely to make sure that my US site customers for US data are actually in the US).

As you probably observed, I'm a turnstyle. Business philosophy "I'd rather be a turnstyle and get a dime for every dollar going through than own the ballpark and have to mow the grass." My job is to convince folks that mine is the best turnstyle to pass through.

>As you know, I happen to be in the UK myself. 3% of my sales
>come from the UK, and about 85-90% from the USA. That's because
>85% of the Net population is in North America. You have to be
>crazy to target less than 5% of the market.

Ratio is about right then (ouch!). I guess I got dazzled by the opportunity to "go international" when our affiliate there offered it. As an aside, do folks there patronize or I deliberately did two separate deals on the presumption that there would be that preference.

>>Do I have to buy a UK domain name?
>It'll help to a certain extent.

Sounds like maybe not worth the trouble, however. Just need to make sure the SEs that do find me differentiate between the sites (maybe I don't even have to worry about that since they are cross linked)

Anyhow, thanks, now I feel better.

BTW - are you seeing any traffic from us?

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