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Re: the Perl 19100 output error
From Webmaster at ACME Enterprises Web Hosting & Design on 16 Jan '00
replying to the Perl "19100" output error posted by Nicholas

>Does anyone know the syntax to fix the "19100" year output error
>being produced by AXS scripts as of 1/1/2000?
>As far as I can see, the source of the error is line 70 of ax.cgi:
>($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$yday) = localtime(time);
>Changing it to "localtime + 1900" as suggested elsewhere on
>the web merely messed up the output of the whole line.

localtime(time) presents the variable %year as the number of years since 1900, or 100. What we have done to correct this is to insert the following statement:

$year = $year + 1900

If you check the script where it outputs the date you will likely find something similar to

$longdate = ......19$year

Just remove the 19

this will display the output as 1/1/2000

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