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Re: Can Nice websites ever use pop-up windows?
From David A on 19 Jan '00
replying to Can "Nice" websites ever use pop-up windows? posted by Jeff

>Have any of you used automatic pop up windows on your mainstream commercial web
>sites? It would seem that a small one-time pop-up window is a good
>way to showcase a featured product.
>Furthermore, creating pop-ups is easy using free software snippets
>and some microscopic familiarity with javascript.
>The big problem I see is that such windows have become almost a
>trademark of porno sites or freebie web hosts. Many of you probably
>feel that "nice" sites shouldn't use such a tainted technique to
>hard sell products.
>Can such windows serve a useful purpose? Is there a way to make them
>less annoying? (I know how to use cookies to limit how often
>they pop up) Can you cite an example of a "good" pop-up?
>Finally, how do you feel about windows that pop up as the visitor
>leaves the website? Somehow, they seem more objectionable than those that
>pop up while the visitor is in the site.

This doesn't really address your questions its just my 2 cents, I never even look at whats inside a pop up. I just close it. When I go to a website I know the information I want will be in the main window, I know they didn't hide it in the popup. Therefore the popup, in my mind, will never be a usefull feature.

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