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Questions about search engine penalty
From Ken on 27 Jan '00
I had a site about computer security software and hacking.
I managed to get this site ranked well on infoseek and altavista.

Laterly I quit the business and started a different product, so I
changed the content of the site completely.

Of course, it has nothing to do with computer security but I forgot to
put the site down from search engines.

Infoseek, altavista and excite found out and canceled my domain from
their list.

Few months later, I got back to this business project, I thought I can
get my site rank well as easy as before, didn't realize they banned my
domain name and any site links to my domain (my freeyellow door way pages).

If I change my domain name without changing my address, phone number
and email do you think they will allow me to be listed if their software
spiders database and found out that's me with a new domain?

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