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Hope I'm not violating Jim's Yahoo rule :-)
From Andrew on 27 Jan '00
Ok, so you have a very large and varied web site and you get it into Yahoo. Problem though is that the way it's listed (title and description), if someone searches for something that's a MAJOR subsection of the site, the site doesn't come up ANYWHERE in the results. Now on ODP this wouldn't be a problem. If the site is big enough, and the content worthy enough, you can get subsections listed in other catagories.......not yahoo though.

Sooooooooo, you get another URL and copy the subsection to it. Make minor changes so the other search engines wont see it as a mirrored site, maybe do a little optimizing for the other SE's too.

Now, you submit the "new" site to Yahoo (BTW Jim, the password still work?). The new site has no likns or ties to the main (real) site (not yet anyways, get listed in yahoo first, then add a hidden link to incease link weight).

One little problem. Run a "whois" on the site, then check on the owner, and you find out he owns another site (somewhat similar, or at least related) that's already listed in Yahoo. OOPS! Ok so I should have registered it in moms name ;-) Am I being overly parinoid here (and yes, the new site could easily be listed in on it's own merits)?

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