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Re: Priority on search engines.
From Inachu at Help Desk on 8 March '00
replying to Re: Priority on search engines. posted by IonZone

Better advice would be to read past postings here.

I know many people jump in and ask questions(Me included.)
when we first joined this forum but really dig through the past postings.

But sometimes those postings were perhaps relevant just at that time period because
search engines change their tactics sometimes.

Search engines changes tatics when someone finds a trick to be listed as #1
Or perhaps the search engine just does a so called rotating relevance
to where every once in a while you will be back at the top as to give everyone a chance to be listed
at the top(Infoseek is one of them.)

Some sites do better with just keywords some do fine without keywords.
Some do better with just a meta tag description. You really have to experiment
and learn the so called personality of each search engine.


So if you are still stumped and we don't know either then if I was
you I'd email Jim(owner of deadlock I presume?)

I myself never did a "whois" to see if jim is just the moderator or the owner or
both! LOL!

>>How does my website get a priority listing with various search engines?
>Its owner reads this entire site and makes the necessary adjustments to it.

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