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Re: At wits end for traffic
From Inachu at Help Desk on 10 March '00
replying to At wits end for traffic posted by Stephanie

I agree with Deb in also that you should use the meta ratings tag.

The top text hyper links should also be copied at the near bottom as well
to help with that finnished THEME look that most search engines are looking for.

Also they should be font size 10.

The rest of the page looks great.

Also just to inform you if you did not hear it yet but
a few website were taken to court by playboy for using their name
whether it was in a keyword like ,playboy, or using the keyword:
So I would not use that unless you use it as two words and not one.
I think it was exite and the other porn site that were involved in that dispute that playboy won.
Playboy sued ont eh fact that when you search for playboy other sites would be
#1 in the list and not playboy.....

Also try this............ try using your site for 2 months without
keywords. I use only one keyword on my website and when you search for me by:
help desk club I am #1 on Hotbot.

I also tried WP gold and it stated I should have more keywords but it was wrong.
But in General WP Gold gives good advice.

I think it takes about a good 3 months to use WP gold to understand its
thinking so that you will know how to edit a site properly.

Also there is a bug in hotbot that even though I am #1 in the search results
If you search to see if my site has been index it will say that it can
not find my url. So stability is also a factor when considering rankings.
I emailed

Also make sure there are no other copies of your site(mirrors) on the web.

This used to work but the search engines are wise to this and only allow your URL to be
on other sites(popularity rating).

So unless your site is famous then mirrors will do no good.


>I need advice on submitting. I got into Yahoo and I am grateful, but its not enough traffic. I have been submitting to Infoseek and Excite but they have not done an update in months, so no luck there. Alta Vista seems to have stalled out. I've tried Lycos and Looksmart recently, but nothing yet. Any ideas, tricks, other dearch engines, something I'm missing? I consider my site to be pretty good and I used WebPosition Gold to prepare it for submissions, but I am being ignored. Any advice will be much appreciated.

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