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Re: Hey Inachu
From Inachu at Help Desk on 11 March '00
replying to Hey Inachu posted by David A

The only fix I can come up with is that you can go ahead and make
up several messages and have java script point to each one randomly.

Then each time you submit, the page information will be different.
hotbot will be more likely to see fresh information and not the same thing.

This is the #1 way for gettig a higher rating including keywords on hotbot.

I also suggest saving past index.html pages so you may rotate them as well.

So far the frequency of change for hotbot seems to be around 2-3 times a month.

Or if you make any major change then at that time submit as well.

About hotbot using direct hit I am not sure but I emailed them for support.

And they always give canned resposes as if it was our doing it wrong
or we try again. When Hotbot employees has an attitude then I usually
forget them and use another search engine. I think HOTBOT should
stop what ever they are doing other than upgrading and listen to the users for once.
and find out where this leakage of lost links is going and why it is happening.

It does not matter is their database is 100 megs of links or 50 teraquads of data.
If they would store the links on the same version DATA BASE and have
the same type of software and hardware then this should not be happening.

There are 2 types of mostly used databases.

1. Core database several servers access the same data base.
2. Several servers lets say 40 of them split the database among themselves
and replicate on a given time or event.

#2. Seems to be more likely for search engines because this lets them
even the workload"workload balancing" among themselves better when their site gets very busy
and data is more redundant and less prone to dataloss.

I am sure there has got to be a better way to store data that is cost effective and fast.

If anyone knows please tell HOTBOT!


>>Also there is a bug in hotbot that even though I am #1 in the search results
>>If you search to see if my site has been index it will say that it can
>>not find my url. So stability is also a factor when considering rankings.
>I'm having the same trouble with hotbot. I think the deal with hotbot is that they use 'direct hit' for the top ten sometimes and this causes the incorrect reporting for top 10 rankings.

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