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Re: Can't understand Yahoo! - info on Altavista
From Anne at Hospital Classifieds on 14 March '00
replying to Can't understand Yahoo! posted by Anne

I just found out something interesting on AltaVista's site. It was new to me, but might not to you all. I am finally listed on Alta Vista, but noticed that while they have categories like Yahoo, I wasn't in one of them. At the bottom of the category I was interested in, it stated submit URL, I did this, and this time it asked for more info than just the URL and email - and it was to list me in that particular category.

The thing that I found interesting though was that they have a link next to "Submit your URL" that is called "Become an Editor" (part of an Open Directory Project). I went ahead and did that and it sounds like you will be able to edit/add sites to the same category that your site is in. They state that they expect you not to favor your own site over others, which I wouldn't do for ethical reasons, but it gives one the chance to make sure their site is also listed on AltaVista - I would think... has anyone else seen this and possibly have more information about it?

>Well, I am finally in Yahoo! but only in their "Web Pages" section, not the categorized "Web Sites". You can find me if you do a search on "Hospital Classifieds", but not under the sections I had submitted such as health employment:
>or Nursing jobs:
>What is up with that??
>I have also tried to contact Yahoo! about banner advertising SEVERAL times by phone and email, and have yet to get any sort of response from them.
>The listing that Yahoo! does have under "Web Sites" seems to be done by a robot... and also due to the lack of response that I have gotten from Yahoo! for advertising makes me wonder why they don't want my money???? Is Yahoo! falling down on the job, or is it me?

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