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Re: Can't understand Yahoo!
From Anne at Hospital Classifieds on 14 March '00
replying to Re: Can't understand Yahoo! posted by David A

>Inktomi is the search engine of choice for the major portals like Hotbot, Yahoo, Lycos. Open Directory ( is the search directory of choice for the major portal sites like Altavista.
Thanks for all the info David! I get it, I feel silly, but I get it!!

>Yahoo uses Inktomi to support its directory. When you search and no directory matches are found it dumps out Inktomi results. It is important to be listed well with the Inktomi engine because many portals use it or some variation of it.
>Lets say you wanted to start your own search portal. First you get the Open Directory code and database (which is free) for your category listings. Then you get the Inktomi search engine (which you would have to liscense). Then you give yourself a cool name like AltaSeekBot.
>Yes the open Directory code is free for the taking. This is why, like you have discovered, anyone can be an editor.
>>OK - I give up! What is Inktomi?? is that like Yahoo! jail??
>>>Your not in Yahoo, your in Inktomi. Do the same search in Hotbot, the results should be similar.

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