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Re: All the BEST minds... Is Yahoo worth it???
From Nurse Job Find at Nurse Job Find on 11 April '00
replying to All the BEST minds... Is Yahoo worth it??? posted by Nurse Job Find

By the way, I forgot to mention that my site was finally listed with Yahoo - I didn't just give up on it. I replied to the editor when the problems were fixed "hoping" that would work - it did! And when it was listed, I did receive an acceptance letter...

>My previous site took almost 3 months for a Yahoo! editor to write me a rejection letter (some parts of my site didn't work with Netscape and had pages that said "coming soon"). I am not sure if this was a rejection from my very first submission (I did one once a month!) and it REALLY took that long, or if it was because I had talked to their advertising dept. about a banner ad, but wasn't listed at that point - and they knew it. Do they normal respond with a rejection letter - or only when you are finally accepted?
>My new site is up to speed and ready to roll. I have used several tools to make sure that everything works well, works on all browsers, etc.
>If I submit this one to Yahoo! and it is acceptable (I am 99% sure it is!) how long generally does it take to get a response back? I have the money set aside for the Business Express - because getting my other site on Yahoo tripled my traffic - is this worth my hard earned $199? Does a good site take a week or two to get into Yahoo! or can it be a couple of months again??
>By the way, the help I have gotten on this site has made a huge difference in the development of my new site... can't wait to go back to my other site and fine tune it next!!

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