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A big thank you to deadlock!!
From Marcia on 24 April '00
Around this past Thanksgiving, I printed out and read and
re-read the tutorial on getting into Yahoo, and used the
info to do my friend's little crafts site. I especially
paid attention to the advice to make a nice heading graphic
with the name of the site/company.

I submitted to yahoo, and in about a week, could almost
hear her "hollering' over ICQ all the way from Tennessee
to California.."I got into yahoo!!"...she got an email from
the surfer, and got #1 (new) and #3 directory listing in her
category. Not only did they use my description, practically
verbatim, but added some items that I had neglected to include..
apparently, the Yahoo surfer followed each and every link, and
looked at everything.

The site is FunBows, and can be pulled up by looking for hair
bows on Yahoo.

I have this site, specifically the Yahoo tutorial, to thank for
making that gal (and myself) totally happy...what a Christmas
gift that was.

Thanks, and thanks again,

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