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Re: Need Advertising Advice
From Jim on 21 Jan '99
replying to Need Advertising Advice posted by Robert

>I sell build-to-order computers and I'm getting ready to sell on the
>web for the first time. I just spent several hours reading over
>"The Art of Business Web Site Promotion" and it was great, but I
>have some questions about advertising methods that it didn't go into
>much detail about.

>What are some options for paid advertisements besides banner/classified ads?

Web site promotion (search engines and links from other sites),
paid banner advertising and opt-in mailing lists are the three main

>Has anyone tried opt-in mailing lists through a service such as

I hope not!

Postmaster Direct is one of the most evil spam houses around. You
cannot buy an opt-in mailing list, that's a contradiction in terms.
Opt-in means that subscribers have specifically asked to receive mail
from the person they're asking, and nobody else. Postmaster Direct
would have you believe that everybody on their lists has told them:

"Yes, please send me any mail you feel like, and sell my address to
other organisations so they can send me mail too."

Now, how many people do you know who would say that?

If you want an opt-in mailing list there's only one way to get it,
and that's the hard way. You can start off by reading this:

>If so, what kind of return did you get?
>There is a header to each message explaining it, but do people
>really know that they signed up to recieve commercial email or do
>they just think it is spam? Do you think this advertising method
>is a good idea or a bad idea?

Ideas don't get much worse than this. If you want to commit commercial
suicide before you've even started, go right ahead.

>I plan to spend $1000 or less on my first ads; is that too little?

Spend it on targeted banner advertising, or perhaps some promotion
software ;-)

Paid banners will give your site a good kick-start, but make sure
you have a valuable site that people will want to come back to before
you launch the banners, and don't expect to double your money or
anything like that.

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