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Re: Will I get penalized?
From Patrick R at on 6 May '00
replying to Will I get penalized? posted by Thomas

>I am wondering if search engines will penalize me for using a re-direct. See I originally had my pages in just HTML and now I have switched to ASP with VB script. I had high listings and I dont want to loose them.
>I am under the impression that a search engine will not list anything with a "?" in the URL because its not a true link?
>Any tips, suggestions or clarification would be much appreciated.

From what I understand, you're trying to redirect anyone who goes to your site with, right? You want to redirect them to, right?

Like I was saying in the last post, you won't get penalized for using a redirect in the .htaccess file(at least not that I'm aware), but some SEs do penalize (or ignore) pages with a redirect in the Http-Header.

The other option is to see if you can configure your pages to understand run .html pages through the ASP interpreter, I know you can do this with PHP because that's what I do. My pages are all .html, but the .htaccess file runs all .html and .htm files through the PHP interpreter. Quite Nice! No one knows you're using PHP. It's perfect for adding todays date to make your site look updated daily, or as I do, all the navigation bars and the footer are stored as a .txt file and added in on the fly. Makes editing the navigation scheme much easier.

Best of Luck!


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