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Re: Update URL's
From Patrick R at on 8 May '00
replying to Re: Update URL's posted by ck

>What is a htacess file, I have a lot of separate pages that redirect to the index page, which I offer other products is that what you mean? Oh looking at your web site, it's nice but I noticed a lot broken images.

A .htaccess file is a file that can be used to handle redirects, passwords and a whole host of things.

to redirect:

RedirectPermanent /bad/file.html

(This is what you'd want:)

Redirect /old/item1.htm
Redirect /old/item2.htm
Redirect /old/item3.htm

(you might want to use full urls for both, depending on the layour of your site)

remember to put the spaces.

You can also customize your own error documents:

errordocument 404 /404.html

where 404.htm is an html file with "Sorry, 404 error" or some other such thing. I just have a directory error_docs, so my .htaccess file would be:

errordocument 404 error_docs/404.html

You need to have telnet or ftp access to change your .htaccess file though, else you'll need to ask your web host administrator to help you out. (I recommend Hurricane Electric at, the have a great self-serve web-hosting which is great if you know what you're doing)

Check out for more HTTPd Tutorials


GrowSpot is still beta (we're doing data entry for the e-commerce section right now, then we're going to get the photos up, so yeah, some picts aren't there) check back end of May!


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