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Re: Yahoo! Business Express
From Anne on 11 May '00
replying to Yahoo! Business Express posted by F-X

Since it took them 2 weeks instead of 7 days to get back to you, AND you still aren't listed, I would ask for a total or partial refund, as the guarantee that you will have an answer (but not necessarily a listing!) in 7 business days! Then again, since you are at their mercy for a listing, you might want to be nice to them! :) I have been considering using the business express for my site, and will be interested to hear what happens for you. You should have a direct email from the editor who reviewed your site, so I would reply back to that. I have corresponded with them when the finally submitted one of my other sites (free - but took 3 months!)

:) Anne

>Hi there,
>I submitted my site to Yahoo! Through the Business Express. Since I followed all the great advises I found on this forum and site, I received This answer 2 weeks after having posting my site.
>Dear Business Express Client,
>The site you submitted <url:> with Business Express Order #xyz has been added to the Yahoo! directory.
>It will appear after our next update, which will probably occur within the next 2-4 days. You can find your listing at that time by looking through the "What's New" listings or by doing a keyword search.
>Please note that you may see your site listed in the directory before it appears in our searchable database.
>If you have questions about the current placement of your site or you want to request that Yahoo! reconsider the decision, please email us within thirty days by replying to this message.
>To request changes to your listing in the future, please use our "Changing Your Yahoo! Listing" form located at
>For more information about Yahoo!'s Business Express program, please check the frequently asked questions (FAQ) located at
>Thank you for taking the time to submit your site. We rely on users like yourself to make the Yahoo! directory complete and comprehensive.
>Best wishes,
>The Yahoo! Business Express Team
>I received this email 15 days ago and nothing happened. I already sent an email but I received no answer.
>Any thoughts anybody, advises? Did someone face the same situation?

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