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Re: Web Position Gold/Submitit!
From Nicholas on 14 June '00
replying to Re: Web Position Gold/Submitit! posted by David A

>>Like everyone else involved with getting their webpage promoted we are investigating tools like Web Position Gold. Many of you have recommended it.
>>My question is if we purchase it, how has it helped you with helping your listing on the major search engines? And how does it remain "dynamic" and account for the changes that occur in search engines to keep their list dynamic? In other words how does it change?
>WPG is dynamic. Every time you use it, it connects to their server to look for updates and automatically downloads and installs them. This seems to happen every month or so. The WPG people are pretty good at keeping up with the search engines.

Unfortunately, they aren't always too bright about it. I eventually concluded that WPG has one or two medium-grade programmers with good brains, who are conscientious about keeping up with search engines at the technical level -- backed by the usual tech support people who just don't get it. If you have scads of pages to submit: use it (carefully). If you don't know what you're doing, it's a good buy: use it (carefully). If you have 20 pages, and you know exactly what you're doing, do it by hand.

But it won't do your keyword thinking for you!

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