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Re: DMOZ & AOL Rankings
From Andrew G at Traffick - The Guide to Portals on 27 July '00
replying to Re: DMOZ & AOL Rankings posted by David A

Problems like these perhaps explain why Altavista recently decided to drop ODP entirely in favor of Looksmart for categorized listings. Looksmart will be fully integrated into Altavista in August.

Andrew Goodman

>>If this is truly the case of a DMOZ user keeping you out of a index
>>or giving you low rankings then I wonder about the legal side of this
>>for fair trade business practices. And from past news about search engines
>>accounting for ones business on the web I wonder if there is any legal recourse
>>that you may take.
>>I would follow up with a note of your website url and keyword a description.
>>Then relate this info to the head of DMOZ and complain how anti competitive
>>that person(s) involved and see what recourse you can take.
>>Is this what DMOZ.ORG allows?
>>You can find out if you also subscribe to be one of the many
>>directory editors and apon joing I am sure there is a legal notice of somekind.
>>I would think in the legal notice there would be a clause for
>>impeding the use of the directory.
>>DMOZ should not be a free for all directory where first come first serve
>>directory volunteers get to be the so called KING OF THE MOUNTAIN key word subject
>>holder. This is not at all what DMOZ would want.
>>After reading this I'd followup with a compliant for the user(s)
>>involved and what they have done or what they havent done that
>>is making the DMOZ site useless.
>>If people who are singed up as volunteers at dmozare just there to meet
>>their own goals then they should be dropped and banned.
>>That's why I have not relied on DMOZ yet until they have worked out issues.
>>Such as the one you are having.
>>Matter of fact I'll go and send a copy of this message to the operators
>>of dmoz and see what their response will be.
>>I am sure either:
>>A. The user who did this to you will be banned for a year.
>>B. The user will be notified and expected to fix the errors
>> of their way.
>>C. THey will make you the head of that subject matter area.
>>>Do the DMOZ editors also determine AOL's rankings? We ask because one of our competitors is an editor (Focustoday) and although we and our other competitors are listed in DMOZ and other search engines/directories - we are nowhere to be found when performing an AOL search using basic keywords such as "employment reference checking", "job reference checking", "employment references".However the editor's sites (2) are listed on the TOP page of every AOL search.
>>>Please advise!

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