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Re: I wish everyone would boycott Yahoo
From Craig Boas at French Accents Antique Furniture on 2 August '00
replying to Re: I wish everyone would boycott Yahoo posted by Kimberly

>>I totally agree with you. I have submitted my site multiple times to yahoo and even though there are only one site on yahoo so far with Cosworth cars (poor one it is too) they seem unvilling to add my site to the index.
>>I do not understand the reason for this but I can think of one good reason why some pages never get indexed: The editors are humans and I suppose they get too many submissions to visit all the sites. Because of that they visit the sites which have something they are interested in, and never visit sites with subjects that they think are boring. So: If all the editors at Yahoo hate cooking, there are very small chances that any site that has to do with cooking will be added to Yahoo.
>>But that's my point of wiew....
>Yahoo is now telling me I have HTML codes showing which is not true. I had many people check my page on differnet browsers and no one else can see any code showing. I email them back to tell them they have a real problem with there browswer and at this point all I can do is boycott Yahoo and hope other do too.

I can sympathize with your problems getting listed on Yahoo - it took
us about a year, and even then I thought we should have been placed
in in a different category with a different description.

That having been said, Yahoo is right. Your home page is fine, but
use Netscape Navigator and click on the link to the "Working at-home
and Home Business Advice Center" on your home page
( and you'll see what I mean.
Your dating, recipes, distance learning, and other pages suffer from
the same problem.

I obtained these results using Netscape Communicator 4.73. I also
tested your page in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and it came up as
you intended. I suspect that your problem is caused by the fact that
you haven't named the page with an extension that Navigator recognizes
as HTML code. I imagine that MSIE relies upon the opening <HTML> tag
to determine how to display the file. Renaming your pages with .htm
or .html extensions should solve your problems.

The moral of this story? Test your pages on every conceivable
hardware and software platform *before* submitting.


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