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Am I the only one who isn't "wowed" by Flash?
From Jeff on 3 August '00
Just got finished taking a tour of websites created by elite retailers
such as Nieman Marcus and Saks. Many of these sites are all glitz and
zero substance, with arcane navigation and, of course, sloth-like loading.

You see mistakes in these sites none of us would make. Where did
Nieman get the idea their homepage should be red background with unreadable
black text? Try to figure out the what does what on the Saks site.

Three years ago "cool" websites had black backgrounds and moving eye-ball
animations. At least those loaded quickly. Today animated gifs usually
look silly, about as high tech as a nickelodian.

But when I look at the obligatory Flash entry screen on many fashion
sites I wonder whether we're making any progress toward the web's prime
purpose of providing quality content quickly. That's why computers outsell
kaleidescopes (sp?).

A previous post said something about "wowing the visitor with Flash."
The first-time visitor, perhaps. After that, any slow loading animation
is annoying, and an annoyed customer isn't in the mood to buy.

Flash may have some limited use in cutting edge tech or retailing
sites.( makes wonderful use
of it). But I hope the people who pay a fortune for such programming
understand that it will be out of date VERY quickly. Perhaps it
already is.

Just curious: Is there anyone on this group who prefers to shop
sites loaded down with Flash to simpler fast-loading ones, such
as Amazon?

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