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Re: Am I the only one who isn't wowed by Flash?
From CyberEye® at Web Promotion, Search Engines, Meta Tags on 4 August '00
replying to Am I the only one who isn't "wowed" by Flash? posted by Jeff

>Just got finished taking a tour of websites created by elite retailers
>such as Nieman Marcus and Saks. Many of these sites are all glitz and
>zero substance, with arcane navigation and, of course, sloth-like loading.
>You see mistakes in these sites none of us would make. Where did
>Nieman get the idea their homepage should be red background with unreadable
>black text? Try to figure out the what does what on the Saks site.
>Three years ago "cool" websites had black backgrounds and moving eye-ball
>animations. At least those loaded quickly. Today animated gifs usually
>look silly, about as high tech as a nickelodian.
>But when I look at the obligatory Flash entry screen on many fashion
>sites I wonder whether we're making any progress toward the web's prime
>purpose of providing quality content quickly. That's why computers outsell
>kaleidescopes (sp?).
>A previous post said something about "wowing the visitor with Flash."
>The first-time visitor, perhaps. After that, any slow loading animation
>is annoying, and an annoyed customer isn't in the mood to buy.
>Flash may have some limited use in cutting edge tech or retailing
>sites.( makes wonderful use
>of it). But I hope the people who pay a fortune for such programming
>understand that it will be out of date VERY quickly. Perhaps it
>already is.
>Just curious: Is there anyone on this group who prefers to shop
>sites loaded down with Flash to simpler fast-loading ones, such
>as Amazon?

Personally, (Opinion) I find it boring and a real waste of time. From a search engine viewpoint, not a good idea. For "marketing purposes," I suppose some will find it entertaining and memorable, but what's the point, if you cannot get listings - get found, and nobody comes to the party (barring other forms of promo, etc.)

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