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Re: Am I the only one who isn't wowed by Flash?
From CyberEye® at Web Promotion, Search Engines, Meta Tags on 8 August '00
replying to Re: Am I the only one who isn't wowed by Flash? posted by Melanie

>I find most flash websites annoying because they are slow and generally have little useful content. Also, since Flash programmers are expensive, and Flash is hard to update, most of those sites never get updated... so why come back?

Right, right, I agree totally, a complete waste, especially
from a search engine's viewpoint.

HOWever, heh, heh, heh, it's OK to Keep Your Flash and Have It Too
(or something, Eat It and Keep It ?) and here's how:

use gateway pages to funnel clickthroughs (not red-directs) to
your Flash site. However, gateways must not "look" like gateways to
the SE's, right? (Stop me if you've heard this one, OK?) So make
sure that, among other details, you have URLs linking to other sites,
as well: they can be invisible URLs, as in (stop me, stop me, OK?):
A HREF=""><IMG SRC="meta-tags.gif" HEIGHT="1" WIDTH="1" BORDER="0"

Link your gateways within their own domain(s), as if they were part
of said domain(s)and otherwise make them look as much like any
"normal" site as possible.

Feel free to please ignore all the above, if you wish :)


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