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Re: PLEASE help me sort out AltaVista
From Leon on 8 Dec '98
replying to Re: PLEASE help me sort out AltaVista posted by Brian Clifton

>>>but god only knows why??? their is hardly any html - no meta tags,
>>>virtuall no page text, and "La Manga Club" only mentioned once
>>>in the title.
>>Well it should be obvious, AV gives prioritity to "Titles". First Come Fist serve.
>I realise title tags carry a lot of weight - but to the exclusion
>of all others?? There are plenty of sites with this in the title,
>but get a lower ranking e.g.
> places #7
>has the title: La Manga Club (I)
>i.e. fewer words/characters than the #1 ranking. It also has no meta
>tags but does contain plain text with the phrase "La Manga Club". I just
>can not work out why it places lower?? Do you think money is changing

I been faced with the same situation for the last 6 months...

If you follow AltaVista careful enougth you'll see that those 'unfare' rated pages stay on
top for about 2 weeks and disappear... They don't slide down in the index... The just disappear...
I learned to accept that as a shorcomings of the AltaVista algorithm... Mu .02 $ is resubmit that
page and your own page... This should fix it unless you have something in your page that is penelized by
AV engine...

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