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Re: META tags
From Greg at on 29 Nov '99
replying to META tags posted by Rebecca

>I am very new at this. Please be gentle. Have I entered my meta tags wrong? I can't seem to find myself on any search engines that I have suggested to, more than a month ago. I also noticed someone mention that centering text is a no no, why? It looks neater sometimes. I would appreciate some ideas on how to get my business noticed. I am reading, reading, and reading somemore. I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Please help. Thank you.

As far as meta tags, I would increase the number of keywords in your meta tags.

I would also work on your title to include more keywords. How about "Small business Web page design for Coastal Maine"? It doesn't necessarily have to be a sentence, a phrase is fine. Place the main keywords first.

As for your content, your text is very good...very keyword rich. You could trim it down even further though. Stick to a predermined set of keywords and try to repeat them frequently.

As far as design goes, lose the blue background. It makes the blue text very hard to read. Also, lose the fancy font. If a visitor doesn't have Lucida Calligraphy installed on their system it will use a default font anyway, usually Times. Use more common fonts like Arial, Helvetica, and Verdana. Also, don't bump up the size of the font. I'm running on a 1024x768 screen and the font looks pretty big. It must look huge on 800x600, and enormous on 640x480. I've found that Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana at a "-1" fot size works well for most uses even Mac users (Mac browsers tend to render text a bit smaller). Don't forget that your users will be running different platforms, browsers, and screen resolutions. Oh yeah, lose the centered text. Simple black text right justified on a white background looks (and sells) much better.

Good luck! Check ( for some Maine skiing info!


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