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Re: how many pages do Sarch Engines index
From Nicholas on 3 Dec '99
replying to Re: how many pages do Sarch Engines index posted by Andy

>>I have heard that most search engines only index 10-12 pages from any one domain. Does anyone know if this is right?
>>If so, does it make sense to create virtual domains, or is there another work round?
>I too would like to know this, and also if there is a benefit of having meta-tags on all of your pages or just your home page?

Huh? I know sites that have hundreds or thousands of pages
listed. There are SEs that don't like to be slammed with
1000 URLs in one day; has a chart
on that in their Webmaster section; don't know how current
the chart is, though. Engines like AV or Northern Light or -- all claiming to have the most listings --
could hardly afford to follow such a policy.

Yeah, metatag 'em all. As long as you don't break the
anti-spamming rules (mentioned in many deadlock archive
messages) it can't hurt, should help.

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