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Re: when wil be listed after robot came?
From Steve P at Tamsquare Art on 4 Dec '99
replying to Re: when wil be listed after robot came? posted by Nicholas

Hi Nicholas,

I appreciate your feedback on this. Yes I have problem in promote these cgi files. SoI have created some html to replace them (but there are too many to do). sound dumb. I just browse my own site and do "view source" and then save the file to a html file. Ha...It seems SEs are dumb machines too. But after a little thought, maybe there is no way for these machines to get around as all my prodlist.cgi, though hundread of pages for a user, all have the same title, keywords, meta data.

All the oil paintings are really hand-painted. Because we are a new site and our low cost, we afford these prices. I will give any one on this chat board a 20% off the internet prices on the site:-))) no ad, sorry..

Steve P.

>RE your previous question about .cgi generated pages. Looked
>at your site. Those cgi pages are poison to the SEs. If
>you're serious about SE traffic, you have to do something.
>I'm presently creating a "ring" of mirror .html pages around
>my problem site. The lack of internal links I'll probably
>solve (sorta) by creating a "Big Page" in the root directory,
>listing each and every one of the .html subpages. I hope
>the spiders see this as legitimate. Would rather just have
>a solid .html site, though.
>Are those things actually hand painted? I was dubious.
>How can you mimic a Monet for $60? It takes a real artist
>to knock off a Monet, or any other real painter. You
>might want a bit more explanatory text.

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