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Re: when wil be listed after robot came?
From Nicholas on 4 Dec '99
replying to Re: when wil be listed after robot came? posted by Craig Boas

>>RE your previous question about .cgi generated pages. Looked
>>at your site. Those cgi pages are poison to the SEs. If
>>you're serious about SE traffic, you have to do something.
>>I'm presently creating a "ring" of mirror .html pages around
>>my problem site. The lack of internal links I'll probably
>>solve (sorta) by creating a "Big Page" in the root directory,
>>listing each and every one of the .html subpages. I hope
>>the spiders see this as legitimate. Would rather just have
>>a solid .html site, though.
>Why do the .cgi generated pages cause trouble with the search engines?
>more importantly, what is the work-around?

Well, I'm not presently a search engine fiend, so I suppose
I shouldn't speak so authoritatively, but last time I checked,
spiders were rearing up and running away every time they
encountered the call symbol "?" in a URL. It's not a matter
of they can't index dynamic URLs, rather that the SE sys
admins have chosen not to index them, and written their
search protocols accordingly.

The workaround is creating mirror pages in .html and
actually loading them on your server. Course the spiders
need to be able to get to them -- hence my thought of
creating one "big page," linked from the home page, and
then linking outward to these "static" .html pages.
Rather just have a pure .html site, tho.

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