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Re: Redirects - Bridges - Linking
From Nicholas on 18 Dec '99
replying to Redirects - Bridges - Linking posted by JK Bowman

>I frequently set up entry pages to the sites I create with redirect scripts wherein I sniff for browser version, plug-in presence, resolution, etc.. The effect allows me to deliver a site custom designed for the viewer's configuration.
>I have recently been hearing that "redirects" are being frowned upon by some of the search engines.

META redirect=0 is frowned upon by some(most?) SEs, and may
be frowned upon regardless of =[seconds] specified, there's some
debate on that. Not sure about JS redirects.

>Does anyone have any tips, experience, or suggestions for redirects? Aside from offering a "Click Here Button" if you are 800x600 ect.. I don't know a work around.

As far as SEs goes, the consensus seems to be: don't, unless
you're willing to make a hobby of SE manipulation. Then by and
by you will know more than anyone here. Of course your end
conclusion may be, don't. :-)

Why not just sniff 'n' go? Collect the data and make your
pages compliant across most of your visitor base.

>I am a member of a online web development community. I know search engines look to see if you are linking to outside resources.
>If I gathered the other members of this community all of whom have the same content on their site) and we linked to each other - could we form a spider "loop" and thereby increase ranking?

? Link rings? This is fairly old stuff. I haven't even followed
it, but have a pretty clear sense that the SE admins have gotten
smart enough to spot them. I know several people who have good
content, proper structure, tons of (link) rings, and lousy
ranking. And I have a couple of pages out there with no keywords
and hundreds of highly legitimate links which get bizarrely high
rankings. Not proof, but makes me wonder.

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