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Re: Redirects - Bridges - Linking
From JK Bowman at Glass Bottom on 20 Dec '99
replying to Re: Redirects - Bridges - Linking posted by Nicholas

Thanks for your replies.

I've been reading up on the redirects a bit more as of late. It seems that MetaRefreash is a big no no with Infoseek taking the lead on it.

Like you, Nicholas, I am trying to find out if javasript is treated the same way.

Some of my sites are optimized no matter what the surfer should happen to be using. But with other more esthetic and technologically advanced sites it is not possible to make a one size fits all page. A great example is using Layers which are only supported by Browser Versions 4.0 and higher. Likewise, other examples include sniffing for resolution and offering visitors pages that do not repeat backgrounds if they have their resolution set to anything higher than 800x500.

Checking with StatMarket I see that Infoseek has a pathetic marketshare of the search engien market.

I'll gladly give up their hits in exchange for serving visitors pages that are custom designed for their configuration. And due to the nature of the sites I create, putting a "Best Viewed With" sticker is not option. :(

The javascript question brings up a much more important issue though. If the spiders can not read javascript will they also miss all of your javascript links? YIKES!


I've also done some research on link popularity. There seems to be a wide debate whether it works or not at all. Still, it can't hurt to have a lot of sites linking to you and it would be pretty easy for me to establish a link exchange with folks who have similar content as to what my main site provides.

My question on that now is:

If you don't want to show the link page is inserting a transparent gif image for the link to your recipricol link page an acceptable alternative?

I know invisible text (i.e. same background and text color) is detectible by the engines and frowned upon. But I don't think they detect transparent graphics used as links.

On The Bottom,
J.K. ~~~/\~~~

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