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Re: Page title info
From CyberEye® at deadlock Design on 11 Jan '00
replying to Re: Page title info posted by Karen

>Is there any problem using / instead of &
>Also, if AV cuts the title off will the rest of the title work as keywords? I guess the question is, is what the display what is indexed?
>>>>Last I heard AV maxed out at 64. Though they index the least title characters.
>>>Thanks Andrew
>>>I just did a search at AV and saw some cut off in mid sentence at around 70.
>>>I want to use as a title:
>>>Construction Management and Design - US Virgin Islands - Architects and Contractors Resource
>>Get rid of the dashes and trailing space and change the "and" to "&" or get rid of it altogether. It will save you up to 12 chars even though it may not look as pretty.

Right. However, if you must use the " - " but with a space on either side. The TiTle above is too long, and NOBOdy is going to look up "Resource," so you should just drop it.
I would do it this way:

<"Construction Management. Architects, Contractors, Design. Virgin Islands.

But, agai, these are your keywords, not mine :)

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