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Re: Some help please..
From Andy on 14 Jan '00
replying to Some help please.. posted by Ron


- It doesn't look too bad, but I would do away with the image text. I think it detracts from site.
- Also on your home page the 4 p's at the bottom look like they could be links. The graphical element with the vertical bars in between words like that is used to often for text links.
- Your navigation is fairly strait forward. The blue bar system seems to work. One suggestion is I would have the same links appear in the same order on each page. For example 'PR Case Studies' is second from the bottom on the home page, but if you go to the awards page it shifts to second from the top. Some consistency would be helpful.
- I would like to see the title for each page near the top instead in the middle, again this will lessen any confusion.
- On the 'about us' page I would put your contact information.
- Be careful with your 'pr resources on the web' page. For one thing you are giving a very easy way to leave your site. Try opening them in a frame or opening another browser window (careful, I know this annoys a lot of people too, but I don't know of a better way) Second be careful that you are not inadvertently providing links to all of you're competitors sites through trade organizations. Many potential customers don't need to know anything about the organizations other than you are a member.

I hope I was of some help. All-in-all I like your site. These are all obstacles I had to overcome in my site.


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