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Re: still not on excite listing since Sep/99
From Inachu at HELP DESK on 17 Jan '00
replying to still not on excite listing since Sep/99 posted by Steve P

First of all how many times per week are you submitting?

I would lay off if you have any auto revisit meta tag.

If you have not been spamming(submitting more than once a day.)

then maybe you might be using the wrong keywords.

Also make one page with no meta tags and submit it and see
how it ranks.... For some of the searches I do I sometimes see pages without any meta tags.

So it goes like this either.

A. You spammed so you are no longer allowed in the index.
B. You do not have enough links linking back to your site.
(yes many search engines also rank by popularity.)
C. Bad meta tags.
D. It's not your fault but maybe the search engines fault.
(This happens on infoseek and excite a bunch.)

Altavista is the best search engine when it comes to forgiving
people who have spammed them.

What are your keywords?


So far today the #1 keyword and phrase search term is:
Key word: information
Phrase : sitescope test

>Hi, all,
> I have been trying very hard to get listed on excite, infoseek, lycos and have submitted many different (20-30) pages of the site to these SEs. But only one is listed on Lycos.
> I know infoseek has indexes some site listings recently. any reason why my site could not be listed? I have some nudity artworks on my site. Will that be the problem as disney bought infoseek?
> I saw Exite rebot came 4-5 times in Nov, Dec amd Jan. But excite does not have my site listed at all. Has excite banned me?
> Lycos has listed one entry for my site in Oct but is not a good listing. Since then, Lycos has not listed any of my sebsequent submissions.
> I am rather frustrated with robot powered SEs as my site does not get listed well, even in Altavista. But my site listed good in yahoo, aol, netscape ( all these are handpicking sites from open project direcroty).
> Could you gurus shed some lights on this?
> I get most visits from AOL, some yahoo, some netscape. That is all. Do you think that the hits will double if my site gets listed on excite, infoseek and lycos finally? What SEs else could have a big effects?
> Thanks a lot in advance.
>-Steve P.

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