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Re: Bots and SSI's
From David A on 19 Jan '00
replying to Bots and SSI's posted by SteveB

>Anyone know how most search engine bots react to SSI's. Do they parse the script and read the SSI's or skip them. TIA.

I asked this same question awhile back. Robots read a web page the same as you when you view the source. When you view the source of a page that has SSI you don't see it, therefore the robots don't see it. This is because the server reads all the SSI calls and puts the page together before it sends it out.

I'm currently trying to get dynamically generated php/ssi pages listed in the SEs. Right now they dynamically generate an inventory list. If/when that works I will create a dynamically generated doorway page based on the robot who is visiting it and they will never know the difference.

Let me state in the past I had no problems getting SSI pages listed where I was just including files for page template purposes. I have not,however, got any dynamially generated pages listed yet. I'll let you know when it happens.

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