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Re: Even Martha Stewart get right to the point
From Inachu at Help Desk Club on 22 Jan '00
replying to Even Martha Stewart get right to the point posted by Jeff

As far as I know I was watching on tv ...CNET???

But it was about how people view a site for the very first time.

It's that "IMPRESSION" that will make a site more memorable.

So other than warm fuzzy feeling It should not have that
"SHOCK YOUR SENSES" feeling but a easy to read nice color
combination effect. So take this site for example.

Black and white is jsut fine and perfect for infomational purposes.
but if your website grows because of great ideas or requests then.
You should change it accordingly.

take my website for example....
The color combination SUCKS!(
but the template I use with netobjects at
is very pleasing.

So I think it goes link this to get really famous on the web.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS (they go a long way.)

I am still experimenting with color and I am fining a that a
2 tone or at most a 3 color website is best at most.


>>>I read quite a while ago that statistics showed web site with "Welcome to"
>>>written at the top were often more popular and help to get the user
>>>trust you. I don't remember where I read it, but I'm sure it was a
>>If you want that to be the first line Indexed by some engines, and want to waste your time and do this wrong, then "Welcome" is the way to go. However, if you are selling, say, Web Site Promotions, then make "Web Site Promotions" your <Title, and also the first word(s) in your <Keywords List, and the first word(s) of your <description, and your first <H1 headline, and the first word of your <Text on the page. Later on you can do all the happy :) stuff. However the main objective is get TRAFfic, not have a haPpY SiTe. What's the point in having a haPpY SiTe, if nobody can FINd it, right? Cheers.

>While titling a page with "Welcome to..." might give some people a
>warm/fuzzy feeling about the site, I was unable to find a major site
>that didn't get right to the point.
>Here are some "titles" from major sites including
>one expert on warm/fuzzy stuff.
>'s Biggest Selection
>Ebay-Your Personal Trading Community
>Martha Stewart Living
>Alta Vista
>deadlock Design [I never noticed that deadlock is always in lowercase.
>Anyone know why?]
>I expected Martha to have something like "welcome to my comfortable
>website-I can show you how to make one from leftovers. Care for some

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