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Which Top SE's may we submit several URL's
From Anne Dixon on 4 Feb '00
I haven't been "keeping up" with all the changes in
listing rules for the Top SE's. For instance, which
SE's allow you to submit several site pages? I know
Infoseek now, will only take the .com/index.html page
and they Say they will index the whole site...

Plus, Altavista says they will index the whole site
but I have Never had Any of my pages listed that I
haven't personally submitted.

The reason I ask is: I have written several articles
and have posted each one on a separate web page (they'll
make great "doorway or keyword pages"). I have them
linked from my main page (which has been submitted). But
I don't want to wait forever for the spiders to index
them (it seems they never do!). So, which SE's would be the
best to submit these pages too?

Plus, I also plan to do separate pages for catalog
items that are listed on CGI pages and would like to
submit each page in a Top SE.

All help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Anne Dixon

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