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Re: doorway pages
From Roman on 7 Feb '00
replying to doorway pages posted by phil

Doorway pages are a very effective way to get more links in the result
list of most search engines per keyword query. Keeping content between
100 - 250 words, with 10% - 15% keyword weight. DON'T OVER-WEIGHT THE
CONTENT WITH KEYWORDS!!!! Choose four keywords ( A, B, C and D). The
first doorway page will list keyword A as the strongest, and D as the
weekest. Now, let's say 15 words are A. 10 are B. 8 are C, and 7 are
D. That's 40 words. You will need (to stay inside the 10% - 15%) around
210 more words that are not keywords to weight this content correctly.
Put the strongest keyword in the headers (H1, H2, etc.). List all four
keywords in the META KEYWORD (repeating twice) and submit the hell out
of it.
Choose another four words and make another doorway page.
Most important.
Do not use REFRESH.
Make the doorway page in a way it makes sense to the person viewing
the doorway page (they still have to click to get to the home page).


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