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Re: doorway pages
From phil on 7 Feb '00
replying to Re: doorway pages posted by Roman

Thanks for the reply Roman,

I have looked at position weaver and this put on the scent of doorway pages, but boy do the look of those pages suck. I downloaded the trial which is only 7 days worth, I have emailed support with a comment regarding the use of a background image ( not background colour) that would disguise the text, but they have not acknowledged (so much for support, would I buy the product after that ???). Anyway I shall give the pages a try on some dummy pages and guage the results.


>Doorway pages are a very effective way to get more links in the result
>list of most search engines per keyword query. Keeping content between
>100 - 250 words, with 10% - 15% keyword weight. DON'T OVER-WEIGHT THE
>CONTENT WITH KEYWORDS!!!! Choose four keywords ( A, B, C and D). The
>first doorway page will list keyword A as the strongest, and D as the
>weekest. Now, let's say 15 words are A. 10 are B. 8 are C, and 7 are
>D. That's 40 words. You will need (to stay inside the 10% - 15%) around
>210 more words that are not keywords to weight this content correctly.
>Put the strongest keyword in the headers (H1, H2, etc.). List all four
>keywords in the META KEYWORD (repeating twice) and submit the hell out
>of it.
>Choose another four words and make another doorway page.
>Most important.
>Do not use REFRESH.
>Make the doorway page in a way it makes sense to the person viewing
>the doorway page (they still have to click to get to the home page).

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