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Re: Deep Submission help!
From Nicholas on 7 Feb '00
replying to Deep Submission help! posted by Paul

>I've just developed a new site, but very wary of spamming.

Have you tried I think they have
a fairly recent chart on that. Of course SEW tends to
quote the official SE pronouncements these days, so
you may be asking how much more aggressive one can be.

I haven't tracked this in months, so I may be all off.
Corrections welcome. But except, I'd say
you could safely submit 10 pages a day to most any
SE. (Yahoo of course only takes the index. Unless they
love you, but I don't know that scenario well.)

Not sure what resubmitting does unless you've changed
your pages. Bots do return; some of them, anyway.
See below ...

<general rant>People should spend more time looking at
their logs, and I mean raw logs. See what the bots are
doing. Get a feel for it.</rant>

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