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Watching the big sites submitting
From Inachu at Inachu on 9 Feb '00
I have wondered about how many times the big comercial website change
their content. Well I found out if you use the netmind site you can
have a email sent to you every time their website changes.

This would be a great way to learn the habits of other sites.

So far I monitor 5 websites and have learned a lot.

I thought of doing this when infoseek said, "Sorry we can not tell you that."

This was in response to the question - "How many times does infoseek
changes the rules of ranking?"

Well as you must know already the big companies pay to get this knowledge.

I have jsut started using pws on my computer before uploading it
to the web. I find it better this way so you get the real feel before going live.


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