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Re: Watching the big sites submitting
From Inachu at HELP DESK on 12 Feb '00
replying to Watching the big sites submitting posted by Inachu

I got a email from a deadlock reader and was not aware than there are more people out there who are not aware of PWS.

Well here is my reply that I emailed him.
You (deadlock visitors)might find the information useful as well.


Sorry for the late reply......

I formatted and installed win98 and NT 4.0 dual boot(cool!)

OK PWS is a Personal Web Server the file name is
pws10a.exe Made by microsoft(free download.)

Go search on any search engine and you can download it for win95 and windows98

make sure you install dcom95 for windows95 first and dcom98 for win98

before you install pws.

Once it is installed and you are offline you can type in your browser then you will see a local website on your computer

but once you dial into the internet you get a ip address from the
internet for example

so if you kept your computer on the internet all the time you could submit your website (which is located on your computer) to the search engines. neat eh????

Since you were not aware of pws I am sure there must be others
also who frequent deadlock would also bebefit from this info so I will post this reply there.\


>Hello Inachu,
>I just read your post titled, "Watching the big sites submitting" that you
>made on the DeadLock Message Board. I am new to all the tricks & Techniques
>used to get your web site a better ranking on all the major SE's. And I was
>wondering whart you meant by the statement you made below:
> >Inachu wrote:
> >I have just started using pws on my computer before uploading it
> >to the web. I find it better this way so you get the real feel before going
>What is PWS ???
>Thank you in advance for answering my question. I would also appreciate it if
>you would take a look at my web page and give me any feed back or comments
>you might have.
>This is my first web page and I know it still needs a lot of work. But, right
>now I am most concerned with getting in the search engines.
>Thank you,
>Byron L. Stewart
>Pin Promotions

>I have wondered about how many times the big comercial website change
>their content. Well I found out if you use the netmind site you can
>have a email sent to you every time their website changes.
>This would be a great way to learn the habits of other sites.
>So far I monitor 5 websites and have learned a lot.
>I thought of doing this when infoseek said, "Sorry we can not tell you that."
>This was in response to the question - "How many times does infoseek
>changes the rules of ranking?"
>Well as you must know already the big companies pay to get this knowledge.
>I have jsut started using pws on my computer before uploading it
>to the web. I find it better this way so you get the real feel before going live.

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