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Re: Websites that disable back button
From Andrew on 12 Feb '00
replying to Re: Websites that disable back button posted by Inachu

"Don't you hate it when you try to "back" out of a website and find you can't."

usually whats' happening is that in fact you are going back ONE page, but that page is auto refreshing to the page you're trying to get out of. With explorer just click the back button twice, quickly.


I knows the problem, and the 2 choices I've come up with are either "bad" or "worse". 1 is to make it so a page someone migh come into from a SE only has a link to the home page (hey, maybe they'll click it). The other is to have a link that says something like "this site uses frames, click here to view properly". Then you have to have that link on EVERY page point to a specific frameset page for the page.

OK, so maybe it's more like "worse" and "even worser" :-)

need more arguments for not using frames?

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