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Re: Doorway Pages and Web Position Gold
From Robert Cardana on 16 Feb '00
replying to Doorway Pages and Web Position Gold posted by Paul

Doorway pages are a good idea, and they work. Yes, WPG is worth buying. For $149 it is worth more than it's cost, but don't tell them I said so. Submitting two pages is not spamming. If you summitted 10,000 we could talk. I personally don't submit more than 10 unique pages. Plan to wait 2-3 weeks minimum then resubmit. Ideally the meta tags would focus on that page's content. WPG has great customer service and a very good help forum at:


>This weekend I downloaded Web Position Gold, and it seems to emphasise the use of different Doorway Pages for the main search engines. My first question, is this logical and correct? Is Web Position Gold worth buying? and, I have created one Doorway Page for Alta Vista using the URL, however I have already submitted an index page a week ago, but am not listed yet. Will Alta Vista list both URL's or will I be classed as spamming? In addition, all my pages have meta tags including the tags from my original home page plus others (all tags are the same except for the index's) - is this a bad idea, again will the search engines think I am spamming? If anyone can help me or give me a site review I would appreciate it.

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