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search engines-friendly maximum page title characters
From Jacques on 19 Feb '00
Suppose I plan to submit 3 pages to Altavista from my Web site. I want each page to have the same 40-character-long fixed part followed by a 32-character-long variable part. The fixed part contains 5 keywords, the variable part contains one or more keywords. These keywords are not repeated in the page title (no spamming) of each page, they appear also, as applicable, in the Meta tags (keywords, description) of each page, in the page heading of each page, in the first paragraph on the top of each page, in the text of each page (following the frequency/relevancy rules of search engines), in the image alternate text area of each image in each page, also, as applicable, in the URL and in each page filename. Anything wrong with what I'm doing? I need the fixed part because it's like a royal name (or a logo) that must appear consistently in each individual page. But 72 characters total might be too long for a page title (the title being the one that appears on the browser, not the page heading that appears on each page). Is my entry here right for this search engines forum? If not, please direct me to the proper place. Thanks for your time. - Jacques

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