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Title length & Keyword Spamming
From Charlie on 16 Jan '99
Back to Basics, I can't find the answers in the search database.

I understand that there is a desired charcter length of no more than 64 characters in the title context. Is this correct? I see so many pages with titles that are what seems like hundreds of keywords long. I am confused is spamming not an issue in titles, I think not! Can someone please list again the specific title length answers as well as keyword, description spamming limits, etc.

I know the answers are in the archives somewhere I just can't find them.
Can someone take a moment and answer these questions for me, thanks in advance.

1. Total title length, can not exceed: ?
2. Optimal number of keyword repititions in title: ?
3. Optimal number of keywords: ?
4. Optimal number of keyword repititions: ?
5. Optimal length of description: ?
6. Optimal number of keyword repititions in description: ?



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